1. In today’s review of Watch_Dogs, we learn that not all Ubisoft’s ‘hacks’ are named Jade Raymond. 


  2. Arguably the biggest announcement in the history of this show.

    After five years of The Rageaholic, it’s time to come clean about RazörFist’s darkest secret… 


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  4. Gaming Journalism at large receives a stiff kick to the pills in tonight’s Rageaholic review of Murdered: Soul Suspect!


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  6. So… remember when I teased that I had a major announcement about collaborating with a prominent, controversial media figure? 


  7. This is what happens when you watch too many direct-to-DVD Steven Seagal masterpieces in too compressed a time frame. 


  8. Anthem - Night After Night

    plays: 239

    Anthem - Night After Night (1986)

    As featured in Episode #78: Dark Souls II Review


  9. gark12 said: Evening Razorfist, I'm wondering what your take is on the recent news on Gametrailers sudden divestment from Viacom after the 2014 E3? Granted I haven't really read the darned site since the beginning of the Xbox 360 days, and it seems like a parallel to 1up's demise. But do you also see it as yet another symptom of the 2010's game crash and we'll most likely see several other game sites go down?

    That actually happened on the very first day of E3

    And, really, that’s the only thing I have to say: Fuck the video game media for dwelling so vociferously on baseless hype and transparent cheerleading that they purposefully ignored this story throughout the event, only discussing it in earnest after the event’s conclusion. This website was one of the primary methods by which people were streaming this fucking event to begin with!

    Watching the GameFailers stream this year, consequently, was a prolonged foray into unintentional comedy and flagrant denial! It was 12 hours of "Boy, after that Sony presentation, the industry sure is looking vibrant and healthy! For more, we head back to Geoff Keighley, whose website was just sold due to 6 years of stagnating growth and diminished interest in gaming!”

    And even when sites like ScrewAttack and GiantBomb did stop ignoring the facts (many of these websites, for the record, still claim Viacom selling GameTrailers is ‘merely a rumor’, despite GT’s new owners saying the fucking opposite!), they concentrated not on the fact that Viacom sold the website due to its waning profitability and relevance… but on the sitewide lay-offs that took place in the aftermath

    Is it a product of the new gaming crash? 

    Well, if GameFailers were alone, I’d be more inclined to say ‘No’. But I’d also be forgetting that around this time last year IGN was sold in the same month that 1up.com and Gamespy closed down

    This won’t be the last story like this. Mark my ever-lovin’ words. The gaming media is in full denial of the crash. Focusing on PS4 hardware figures (that have already begun to decline thanks to the ongoing software drought) rather than lackluster software sales and the ongoing consolidation of triple-A development.

    The modern incarnation of ‘Video Game Media’ is structured for a ‘boom’ period. Nothing else. In the absence of a ‘boom’… they will stagnate and decompose. And they are



  10. piggy-n-sledge said: Is a Hitman retrospective possible?

    It will happen at some point, but I still have yet to play through the first two games. (Actually, that’s only partially true. I’m digging into Hitman 2: Silent Assassin right now) With particular emphasis on the first game. 

    Hitman: Codename 47 has proven prohibitively difficult to find a physical copy of.