1. The ‘Downfall of Gaming Journalism’ series returns! 

    In an episode where, hopefully, we address the self-evident corruption at Kotaku… without lowering ourselves to irrelevant, bedroom-related e-drama. 


  2. September 3rd, rageaholics. 
    Vince Russo’s new podcast: The SWERVE!

    Run for cover. 


  3. Up next: A review of one of those ‘middle market video games’ the fossil record tells us existed at one time.


  4. For those wondering where the Skyrim review went, we remastered it!
    With added CGI Jawas in the background! 

    Not… not really.


  5. The PARASITE EVE Retrospective has arrived, rageaholics! 


  6. The Razör’s Edge returns, with a particularly acerbic rant directed at the modern music industry!

    Bieber may or may not be mentioned. 


  7. RazörFist Arcade returns with a long-overdue playthrough of ‘METAL GEAR SOLID V: Ground Zeroes’.



  8. the-rageaholic:

    Recommended Noir: 
    The Big Sleep (1946)

    Less a feast for the eyes than for the ears. While visually, The Big Sleep is no slouch, the centerpiece of the film is undoubtedly the scorching dialogue. Every scene is packed with witty banter, as Humphrey Bogart (playing perhaps the most famous private eye of all pulpdom, Philip Marlowe) and then-wife Lauren Bacall go on a frenzied tear through an extremely well-written adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel. Beautiful cinematography, rapid-fire wit, and labyrinthine mystery.
    The quintessential film noir. 

    Rewatching this in memory of the late Lauren Bacall. (R.I.P.) 

    Join me, won’t you, rageaholics? 



  9. So wait: Silent Hill Downpour & Homecoming were bad because they ‘emphasized visuals and a fairly nonsensical narrative over gameplay’… eminently debatable… but for the sake of the facile fanboy argument, let’s momentarily accept it as factual…

    How, then, exactly… is it a good thing that HIDEO KOJIMA, the guy who has quite literally only EVER made video games that focus on those two things - to the exclusion of all else - is making a Silent Hill title… a ‘good thing’, exactly?! Particularly with word that he’s paired with Guillermo del Toro, whose entire filmography has suffered from an identical syndrome! 

    The contradictory bullshit espoused by the Kult of Kojima is officially approaching critical mass. 


  10. And the next chapter of the Metal Mythos will be…