1. RazörFist’s comprehensive review of DESTINY has finally arrived! 


  2. Up next: Metal Mythos gets a little darker… 


  3. Today’s rant is a rebuttal. To GameSpot. 
    This video specifically
    Might want to grab a poncho. 


  4. Ozzy Osbourne - Breakin' All the Rules

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    Ozzy Osbourne - Breakin’ All The Rules (1988) 

    As featured in Episode #77: TEEFTANIC


  5. Some badass tributes to Eastman / Laird TMNT comics in the new Nickelodeon TV show. 

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  6. This is… EXACTLY what I was referring to in my ‘All Guns Blazing’ VLOG a year or so ago. 

    Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, renowned as much these days for their left-wing political activism as their overpriced (and for my money, equally overrated) frozen confections have thrown in with a similarly-inclined District Attorney from Marin County by the name of Ed Berberian… in an effort to buy back your ‘violent’ video games… in exchange for Ice Cream. 

    'Absurd!' You say? 'Utterly without precedent!' 

    The former sentiment, I’m with you on. The latter? Not so much. 

    See, Ed Berberian’s name should sound familiar to you.
    In January of 2013 - around the same time President Obama began calling for Senate hearings on the possibility of banning violent video games entirely - Ed Berberian was hosting a profoundly controversial ‘Gun Buyback’ program that essentially served as the blueprint for this unbridled dipshittery.

    Not only is the curtailing of our firearms rights demonstrably related to the push for banning violent games… they are vetting their strategies on one… before using it on the other

    Coming down on different sides of the aisle, I get. But, sadly, this serves as further illustration of the point I made in ‘All Guns Blazing’. 

    In short? You DON’T get to hand over your gun rights in a fruitless attempt to legislate mass shootings away… and expect the government to stop there. You either defend your personal civil liberties… or you don’t! It’s no coincidence that the very same names that grabbed immediately for your right to defend yourself with firearms (Senator Dianne Feinstein, Edward Berberian, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, etc.) are the ones going the extra mile to curtail your ability to buy the video game of your choice

    Know their names. 

    Because the Kotakus, Gamespots and Polygons of the world - steeped as they are in the political agendas of the parent entities that fund and operate them - aren’t going to be in a hurry to point them out for you. 




  7. Yeah. This is happening. 


  8. Today, RazörFist reviews the ‘Deadly Premonition’ of RPGs… BOUND BY FLAME!


  9. So, about that Two-Year Gaming Drought…


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