1. Rageaholic Cinema returns with a review that will turn you into a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus! 


  2. My thoughts exactly, Chuck…


  3. masterdoctor029 said: How do you feel about the AC Unity being the same graphics for both Xbox one and Playstation four?

    I feel like neither system has jaw-dropping visuals, and persnickety maggots are beyond splitting hairs, at this point. They’re splitting atoms. Which explains the explosion. 

    And they’re doing so because they spent upwards of $400 for a machine that was supposed to have a glut of exclusive games. And neither of them do. 

    They were ripped off, and they’re continuing to be ripped off. And clinging to what little their system does possess (An imperceptible edge in resolution and framerate that even the game developers concede is utterly negligible) is a way of distracting themselves from how badly they were taken. 



  4. zephyrnt said: How bad does your ass hurt about Hideo Kojima directing the new Silent HIll?

    My ass is painless and pert. 

    As a rule? The only people Kojima really fucks in the ass… are the people who thank him for it the most. 



  5. pseudoc said: Hey Razor, I am just about to begin a trek through Might and Magic VI and decided to name my created characters after favorite Youtubers. You obviously make the cut, but, do you see yourself as a sword wielding knight or a spell flinging sorcerer? Thanks and keep up the superior content... Adam

    Knight. All the way. Magic is for pussies. 

    Assuming a Rogue/Thief isn’t available, that is. 

    (As a side note? Might and Magic VI is bitchin’, so here’s a gold star)



  6. Rageaholic Cinema is poised for one hell of a return… 


  7. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, the darkest chapter in the Metal Mythos arrives at last:  

    It’s time to do the DARKTHRONE! 


  8. After a lackluster evening at the movies, RazörFist has a rant with Hollywood’s name on it. 


  9. RazörFist’s comprehensive review of DESTINY has finally arrived! 


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