1. hightechzombie:

    The screenshots don’t really do Solarix justice, which is a gorgeous looking atmospheric stealth action game inspired by System Shock 2. 

    It’s Kickstarter has 22 days left and 9000 dollars more to collect. The low sum is explained by the fact, that the game is almost finished. Here is a gameplay video to attest to that.

    The money raised will go into professional voice-acting (which is right now lacking), polish and bug-crunching. Basically, the things that matter the most but are often skipped due to lack of funds.

    You can add your pledge to Solarix right here.

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  2. …I take it Aya is more of a Pepsi kind of girl.


  3. …and the next Rageaholic Retrospective is… 


  4. It has to be said: 

    The poster for the upcoming Heavy Metal film? 

    It fucking rules


  5. It’s en vogue to poke fun at oblivious fanboys… but could they be actively destroying the industry they’re obsessed with? 

    Today, RazörFist rants to uncover the truth. 


  6. gammacazador said: Thank god you are not a booker, no offense, but guys like Mick Foley and Chris Jericho have explained why Lesnar was the right choice. As Foley himself explained, he's the only guy that could handle the heat that comes with ending the streak.

    What heat? 

    The entire angle went up in a cloud of indifference! You could have booked the arena janitor to break the streak and evoked a more passionate reaction. 

    It simply accomplished nothing

    He’s no bigger a heel than he was. Neither is Heyman. He’s no more active than he was. He’s transferring the rub to no one. No star has been built, no pay-per-view has been sold, no item of merchandise has been flying off store shelves as a result of the half-wit decision to hand the streak to Block Lesnar. 

    To date, the worst booking decision in modern wrestling… was the choice to turn Stone Cold Steve Austin heel at Wrestlemania 17. Thirteen years later, the negative effects of that one decision still adversely affect the company. Within months, the company had plummeted in ratings and popularity and simply never regained that position again. Ever

    In the long run - and you can feel free to quote me on this - the decision to drop the streak to Lesnar? May very well eclipse Austin’s heel turn for sheer detrimental impact on the company. 

    In 2001, WWE wasn’t about to launch a prohibitively expensive-to-produce online network whose success depended on fans - old and new alike - being actively interested in their product. The very same fans they alienated - and in many cases will not ever get back - through this decision. In 2001, the company was in a much more secure financial position and better able to weather the resultant fallout. 

    As for Jericho and Foley? 

    They can flap their gums all they like. Professional Wrestlers and Industry Insiders share one talent in common: They’re excruciatingly good at generating excuses for why their horrendous ideas were ‘good for business’. It’s a byproduct of being so profoundly insulated within the wrestling bubble. Foley is the same guy who thought an unending procession of months booking 6-man-tag team matches with essentially the same participants as the main event on Raw and Smackdown was ‘best for business’ in 2000. He was wrong then, and he’s wrong now. 



  7. Since Wrestlemania, many, many, many, many, MANY rageaholics have inquired as to my undiluted opinion on the unceremonious end of The Undertaker’s streak.

    Tonight, on The Razör’s Edge, you get your wish. 


  8. It’s like our president on Opposite Day. 

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  9. Motörhead - In Another Time

    plays: 196

    Rageaholic Soundtrack: 

    Motörhead - In Another Time (1995) 

    As featured in Episode #9: Dragon Age: Origins Review 


  10. unboxedtv said: I know you must be a little bit upset that your application to be Goldust's Tag Team Partner wasn't successful, but what is your opinion on Cody's new gimmick of StarDust?

    Pff. Stardust will - now and forever - be a shallow imitation of… 



    *Air Bite