1. Today, RazörFist reviews the ‘Deadly Premonition’ of RPGs… BOUND BY FLAME!


  2. So, about that Two-Year Gaming Drought…


  3. The full video interview between Vince Russo and RazörFist! 



  4. RazörFist officially meets the controversial Vince Russo (former head writer of WWF, WCW, and TNA) on his podcast: The Swerve

    Also on the show is former WWE writer, and New York Times Best-Selling author of 'December 8, 1980: The Day John Lennon Died': Keith Elliot Greenberg!

    It’s up now, so click on the image above, fire that bitch up and brace for some serious rantage!



  5. thedragonguy said: Just finished your Malmsteen episode of metal mythos. Spectacular video, really enjoyed it. I'll be picking up Perpetual Flame as I'm familiar with it thanks to Rock Band 2. I'd like to grab one more album while I'm at it though, as a power metal fan which would you most heavily recommend? Thanks in advance and keep on killing it!

    Yngwie’s most Power Metal-tinged releases are Alchemy, Magnum Opus, The Seventh Sign, and Perpetual Flame. You really can’t go wrong no matter which you pick, as they’re all exceptional. Good luck!



  6. Unleash the fockin’ FURY, with the brand new episode of Metal Mythos: A full career retrospective of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN


  7. The ‘Downfall of Gaming Journalism’ series returns! 

    In an episode where, hopefully, we address the self-evident corruption at Kotaku… without lowering ourselves to irrelevant, bedroom-related e-drama. 


  8. September 3rd, rageaholics. 
    Vince Russo’s new podcast: The SWERVE!

    Run for cover. 


  9. Up next: A review of one of those ‘middle market video games’ the fossil record tells us existed at one time.


  10. For those wondering where the Skyrim review went, we remastered it!
    With added CGI Jawas in the background! 

    Not… not really.