1. Reports of the Hate-Bit Podcast’s demise were greatly exaggerated. 


  2. 聖飢魔II - 蠟人形の館'99

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    聖飢魔II - 蠟人形の館’99
    (Seikima-II - House of Wax [‘99 Re-Recorded Version])

    As featured in Episode #48: Silent Hill Downpour Review.


  3. Hey kids, do you like repeating jokes? 


    Well screw you, I’m reviewing the Stick of Truth anyways.


  4. Go home, Spotify. You’re drunk. 


  5. Happy Birthday to the original ‘guitar god’, the almighty Ritchie Blackmore! 



  6. Thief 4: The Apology (Or Lack Thereof)

    So, a couple days ago, we finally heard from Thief 4’s lead designer, Stephane Roy, regarding the game’s negative reception in an interview with Game Informer. So, did they learn from their mistakes? Is there even a trace of humility? Do they realize that - Thief name aside - they crafted a mechanically-inferior stealth title?

    The short answer is no. 
    The long answer is fuck no.

    A couple things to note up-front: 

    Game Informer have been essentially in-the-tank for this game since early 2013. They were given special access to early builds of the game, were permitted to run exclusive sneak-peeks of Teef for a solid month and a half leading up to the first trailer reveal… and this manner of access comes with an implied price tag. Game Informer were one of only a couple of review sites that gave the game a glowingly positive review (which in retrospect, leaves them looking a bit silly) and as such, the questions they ask Mr. Roy are not exactly the pinnacle of hard-hitting journalism. Walter Cronkite over here is too busy lobbing journalistic marshmallows to ask the tough questions about the functionality of A.I., the prohibitive loading zones, or utterly broken audio engine. 

    All the same… we get a very raw glimpse of the unbridled developmental hubris that ultimately resulted in this abject disappointment through a few select quotes: 

    • "Audio is super important in a game like Thief, and we wanted to provide strong ambiance and an immersive experience for the players…"
    • "We needed to have these loading zones in there in order to create the rich, immersive environment you see in the game…"
    • "We were all very big fans of Stephen Russell’s previous work on Thief – the originals would not have been what they were without him. However we did not make Thief 4; this was a new entry into the series, and we wanted to make sure that we weren’t presenting a carbon copy of the previous games and the previous Garrett…"
    • "We wanted rope arrows to be puzzle-like elements in the environment, allowing players who looked around to be rewarded. When players have a limited supply of rope arrows that can be used anywhere on the map, we found that people tended to not use them at all in fear that they’d be wasted. Now, when someone sees the rope arrow anchor, we want them to think and consider their options “I can either go up here or look around for another entrance…"

    Feel free to read more of the interview, which is less a post-mortem and more a conglomeration of P.R. doublespeak.

    The short version is this: 
    Eidos Montréal still don’t get it. 

    You have to hand it to them. The obliviousness is almost impressive. 
    Their skulls are built Tonka tough.



  7. After returning from ComicCon, we promised our very first comic book-related video… and here it is:

    RazörFist counts down the Top 5 Comics / Graphic Novels that he personally recommends! 

    These aren’t your standard ‘Derp, Watchmen and Superman: Red Son’ recommendations, nor are they necessarily the 5 best comics ever made. Simply a list of 5 comics that we personally recommend. So strap the fuck in and prepare for more than a few acrimonious detours in this very special rant! 


  8. Over the coming week, many will be paying their respects to the memory of the Ultimate Warrior, who sadly passed this evening - just down the street from me, right here in Phoenix, no less. 

    As I mentioned previously, in my RazörFist’s Top 5 Wrestlers video, Warrior has been one of my favorite wrestlers since childhood. And has remained so, to date. When the entire world seemed to have bought into the lies and slander promulgated by the WWE in their ‘Self-Destruction of Ultimate Warrior’ DVD, I was one of the very few vocal defenders of the man. I was briefly banned from The Spoony Experiment’s official forums for defending him, in fact. (Fuck that forum’s moderators, for the record) The chronology presented in the DVD didn’t match real-life events, the statements were inconsistent, and when Hogan was taken to court for slander over his interviews on the DVD… he mysteriously backed up on his story on the witness stand, costing Warrior the court case in the process. It was, in essence, a conspiracy to defame one of the most accomplished entertainers in the history of the business, because he wouldn’t ‘play ball’ with the McMahon machine. A conspiracy to which the WWE has now implicitly admitted… by inducting the man into the Hall of Fame just days before his untimely death.

    My first introduction to Warrior came - rather appropriately - in the form of a video game. WWF Super Wrestlemania for the Sega Genesis. My friend picked Hulk Hogan every time. And, you better believe, I picked the fuck out of the Ultimate Warrior. He was gone from the company within a year of my playing the game, but the impression was seared into my mind, and never left.

    I just picked up this box set, and have yet to dig into it. But you’d better believe it’s happening, now. 

    You were a true, American original. A maverick, independent-minded fellow Phoenician. You suffered no bullshit. And you go to your rest secure in the knowledge that you are a goddamned legend. 

    Godspeed into the hereafter, Warrior!



  9. *Transparently-traced photo of a nude hired model reclining on a couch, with Power Girl gear drawn over top*

    …and comic fans hate Greg Land, but love Adam Hughes… why, again?

    (Source: scuolainternazionaledicomics)


  10. Raw Razör #1 - "I Am The Law"

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    The very first of my all-new series of audio rants. More politically-charged than is usual, this one centers on the public’s mistaken belief that they can legislate their problems away, the underlying psychological motivations of said behavior, and the long-term cost of such. 

    Y’know… keeping it light, as always. 

    Raw Razör #1: “I Am The Law”