1. It’s like our president on Opposite Day. 

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  2. Motörhead - In Another Time

    plays: 96

    Rageaholic Soundtrack: 

    Motörhead - In Another Time (1995) 

    As featured in Episode #9: Dragon Age: Origins Review 


  3. unboxedtv said: I know you must be a little bit upset that your application to be Goldust's Tag Team Partner wasn't successful, but what is your opinion on Cody's new gimmick of StarDust?

    Pff. Stardust will - now and forever - be a shallow imitation of… 



    *Air Bite



  4. brian0057 said: How are you Razorfist? Love your show. I've been watching it for a long time but as a fellow stealth game lover (Chaos Theory being my favorite) I noticed you haven't mentioned Mark of the Ninja. A stealth game I consider the best the genre has produced since Splinter Cell Double Agent (I enjoyed Dishonored but as a stealth title, it was alright at best). I was wondering if you played it and, if you did, what was your take on it?

    I’ve played it, and I dig it massively. It’s a brilliant 2D platformer, a brilliant stealth game, and arguably the single most stylish video game of this generation. Really can’t say enough good things about Mark of the Ninja. 

    Buy that shit, rageaholics! 



  5. jalapenoapocalypse said: I did not know you were a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3K , thanks for the great reviews you seem to be a solid dude

    Eh, semi-solid, I’d say. 

    Get Eva Green in the room and we’ll soon fix that, however. 



  6. In today’s review of Watch_Dogs, we learn that not all Ubisoft’s ‘hacks’ are named Jade Raymond. 


  7. Arguably the biggest announcement in the history of this show.

    After five years of The Rageaholic, it’s time to come clean about RazörFist’s darkest secret… 


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  9. Gaming Journalism at large receives a stiff kick to the pills in tonight’s Rageaholic review of Murdered: Soul Suspect!


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